Crochet Face Scrubbies Free Pattern

Crochet Face Scrubbies



These little buddies have been part of my makeup routine forever because, well, they’re amazing at what they do! The cotton is super soft on your skin and removes all the grime from the day. Weather you wear make-up or not, it makes your face feel squeaky clean!

They are a much better alternative to using a billion disposable face cleansers. It ends up being a cheaper option too because you can just pop them in the wash and resuse them over and over!

I really like to use 1 for taking off my lipstick and another for the rest of my face. Simply because I wear hella-strong and long lasting liquid lipstick and I don’t wanna smear it all over my face. Kinda defeating the whole cleaning-your-face bit ūüėČ







Materials Needed:

Stitch Directory:

FPDC- Front Post Double Crochet

Sl ST- Slip Stitch



Row 1-  Ch 4, join 1st st together with a sl st forming a circle.

Row 2- 12 dc into the center of the circle, join with a sl st.

Row 3- Ch 3, fpdc around 1st post directly under the ch 3, dc 2 in next st, *fpdc around next st, dc 2* repeat 10 more time around, sl st to join.

Row 4- Ch 3, *fpdc around fpdc of row 3, 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next,* repeat 11 more times around, sl st to join. Cut string and tie off. Super simple and easy sauce!!


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This pattern is an original pattern written by Kayla Schmadeke of Marshco. Please do not claim the pattern as your own. If you want to share the pattern, you can link to the pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You can totally keep a copy of this pattern for your own personal use but DO NOT sell this pattern or distribute it.

You can totally sell the items you make using my pattern but please credit the design to me, Kayla Schmadeke of Marshco, and provide a link to my blog I DO NOT give permission for mass production or factory manufacturing of any sorts. Thanks so very much for being respectful of my art!










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